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How to succeed in lead conversion in 2023

A ‘lead’ is an individual interested in the product or service that you offer. This lead might have just come across your website or your Facebook ad, and now they’re curious to learn more about your brand. Now, it’s your job to ‘convert’ that lead. By ‘lead conversion’ we’re simply referring to the moment the individuals who are interested in your product or service, decide to take action and either buy something or enquire about your offering.

How To Become Successful On Instagram

Currently, Instagram is the most widely used social media platform. Almost everyone using a smartphone has heard or used it. Thanks to its wide userbase, it is an ideal platform for social media marketing that lets brands showcase their products, services, and expertise to large audiences. Over the years, Instagram marketing has proven to be one of the best ways to generate more leads, gain useful market insights, and expand your customer base. 

Why is Video Content so Important in 2024?

You need to ensure that any company or potential client that discovers your brand is impressed by your offering and fully understands what you can provide them with. One excellent way to do this is with high-quality video content. Video content is a perfect way to show customers what you can offer them, show off your personality, and can get used on many channels such as social media, your website home page, and your company blog.