Why is Video Content so Important in 2024?

Video Content is essential for a solid digital presence that helps you stand out from your competitors in today’s marketplace.

You need to ensure that any company or potential client that discovers your brand is impressed by your offering and fully understands what you can provide them.

One excellent way to do this is with high-quality video content.

Video content is a perfect way to show customers what you can offer them, show off your personality, and can get used on many channels such as social media, your website home page, and your company blog.

What is Video Content?

Video content can come in many different shapes and sizes, but ultimately the goal of this content is the same as any video.

Your video content should show off what your company can offer customers while also giving them an insight into the people behind the scenes.

For smaller businesses, video content is a great way to show potential customers what the people behind the camera are like and what it would be like working with a smaller business.

For bigger businesses, video content like this can help them seem more personable, which is often a criticism of many large companies.

Video content can be used in various places within your business, some of which we will highlight below.

Where can Video Content be Used Effectively?

Producing video can be expensive.

Provide the funds for a high-quality video to get created for your brand.

You must implement a video marketing strategy to help you utilise it as much as possible to ensure you get your money’s worth.

On Your Social Media Channels

For starters, social media channels are an excellent location for videos.

Whether you add your marketing videos to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for your casual followers or in a more professional manner on LinkedIn, adding your video content to these different channels is a fantastic way to view it by as many people as possible.

On Your Website

Another excellent place to utilise your video content is on your company website.

You could embed your video onto your home page, so be sure that it is the first thing new customers see when they discover your brand.

This location is an excellent option for any video content that significantly represents what your brand can offer.

A video on your home page can show customers what you can offer them while also offering a glimpse at the personalities behind the brand, which is hard to do with text and imagery.

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You can also add video content to your blog posts if relevant.

This implementation will make your blog content more entertaining and engaging, but it will also help improve your SEO score and allow your blog posts to rank higher on Google.

On Your Newsletter

Finally, an excellent place to add your video content is as part of your email newsletter.

While you can’t embed videos into emails, you can take a screenshot of the thumbnail and share it with your email base.

Video content always gets sought after and is highly engaging, so adding this to your email newsletter will help you increase your click-through rate.

Ways to Create High-Quality Video Content on a Budget

Create a Video Strategy

If you are developing a video on a budget, then a video marketing strategy is essential.

Your video marketing strategy will guide the entire process and help you keep an eye on your funds and not overspend.

On top of this, a video marketing strategy will allow you to develop more professional-looking video content.

Just because you are developing videos on a budget does not mean you should execute a poor job.

Some important aspects you need to include in your video strategy should be:

  • Your ideal audience;
  • How frequently do you want to share videos?;
  • What is your budget?;
  • What type of videos do you need to make to meet your objectives.

With a strong video marketing strategy, you can maintain a consistent brand voice and get your message across.

Invest in the Basics

If you plan to shoot plenty of videos as part of your video marketing plan, you will want to invest in the best video equipment.

Here are some of the most important equipment you should invest in. Overall this will be much cheaper than renting this equipment each time.

  • Digital camera;
  • Microphone;
  • Tripod;
  • Lighting kit.

Use Your Smartphone

If you don’t want to invest in a digital camera, your smartphone might be a great option.

Today’s smartphones make great videos, which are certainly good enough for social media.

I would be careful using a smartphone to record content for your website, though, or anything other than social media, as the quality, will likely not be good enough.

Keep Things Simple

When you are creating video content for your brand, in most instances, no one expects your work to be as high-quality as a movie.

However, people expect video content on social media, and company websites want content that offers value and looks good.

Whatever the message, the content needs to be as straightforward as possible. Plan your video content, and find the simplest way to communicate your goals.

Video Content: Summary and Key Takeaways

Now you have all the information you need to execute a great video marketing plan and take your videos to the next level.

Here’s a quick recap:

  • Create a Video Strategy: If you develop video content on a budget, then a video marketing strategy is essential;
  • Invest in the Basics: If you plan to shoot plenty of videos as part of your video marketing plan, you will want to invest in the best video equipment;
  • Use Your Smartphone: If you don’t want to invest in a digital camera, your smartphone might be a great option;
  • Keep Things Simple: When you are creating a video for your brand, in most instances, no one is expecting your work to be as high-quality as a movie;

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