The Value of Copywriting

We can find some excellent content on the internet that showcases the value of copywriting.

Other content, however, only has a handful of readers.

While that might seem strange, once you understand how good copywriting can drive more readers to your site.

If you write articles you know your target audience would love, but no traffic is coming through, the problem is likely ineffective copywriting.

Perhaps you have issues with your headlines or are not promoting how your content benefits the reader.

Excellent copywriting is essential as part of a marketing strategy.

This article will touch on copywriting in more detail and help you choose the proper support for your needs.

Copywriting and Content Marketing

Where can Copywriting be used?

Copywriting can be used in various places and is the fundamental aspect of most content marketing content.

One of the main areas in which copywriting gets used is on a company blog.

SEO-friendly copywriting can tremendously impact the amount of organic traffic to your site.

Writing SEO-friendly copy will help your brand rank higher in the Google algorithm.

And if you make it onto the front page, you will see the traffic to your site increase significantly.

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As users spend more time reading your content, your brand integrity on Google will also increase, leading to more exposure and traffic.

More site traffic results in more potential customers getting to your website.

It also means saving money on other marketing tactics, such as paid traffic.

But blog content is not the only way to use copywriting.

You can also use it for your email content, ebooks, social media marketing and more.

What are the critical things to consider?

When it comes to copywriting, there are a few aspects you need to consider.

First, what are you trying to achieve from each piece of content?

Copywriting and content marketing can be highly successful.

You need a clear vision of what you are trying to achieve.

Your brand messages stay clear and consistent throughout the process.

Important things to consider include whether the content will be persuasive, informative, or authoritative.

This will impact the flow, length, and type of copy you want to create.

It will also consider what call to action you want to include or if you don’t need a call to action at all.

You should also consider where you plan on using that copy, as this will significantly influence the type of content you have created.

For example, if the copy is used for an informative eBook, that tone should differ from the tone of a social media post or a light-hearted blog post.

What are good places to access copywriters?

Copywriting is a skill, just like sales and digital marketing. Some people are good at it, and some people aren’t.

For some, copywriting is almost second nature, whereas others can spend hours staring at a blank page, struggling to get started.

It is essential to evaluate what internal copywriting skills you have to take advantage of and how much time and resources you will pull from other necessary projects.

The good news is that there are plenty of places where you can look to find the perfect copywriter for your needs, whether as a freelance writer or as a full-time staff member.

Here are a few for you to consider:

LinkedIn: The most obvious choice would be to head to LinkedIn and set up a job description that describes your needs, budget, and other vital aspects. While many freelancers work from LinkedIn, this is probably the best option for hiring a writer to work for you full-time.

Fiverr: Fiverr is a fantastic tool for getting access to great freelancers for just about anything, including copywriting! Unfortunately, the name is slightly deceiving. A good writer will cost you a little more than $5, but this is still an excellent option for finding your next writer.

Each Fiverr writer has been vetted by the website and will have a bio, customer reviews, and examples of their work to help you pick the perfect choice for your needs.

Upwork: If you like the idea of hiring a freelance copywriter but you are looking for an alternative to Fiverr, then Upwork is another excellent option. It operates a similar business model to Fiverr and is full of high-quality writers that charge reasonable rates.

Freelance copywriters vs. hiring someone full-time

As you would expect, there are many benefits and disadvantages to both of these options, but here are some of the main ones to consider:

Hiring a Freelance Writer:


  • If used sparingly, it can be much more value for money than hiring someone full-time and having to pay all of the fees that come with that process
  • Freelance writers tend to be highly flexible, and you can try using many different ones until you find your perfect writer


  • Unfortunately, not all writers are the right fit, and it can take some trial and error to find the right one for you
  • Without signing a contract, freelance writers can cancel the relationship anytime and leave you back at square one.

Hiring Someone Full-Time


  • You have a writer available full-time to work closely with on content for your brand
  • You can discuss ideas in person and help your employee learn the brand like the back of their hand


  • If you are not planning on producing content consistently and frequently, hiring a full-time writer could be poor value for money
  • Over time, one person’s writing style can become stale, and it is challenging to change writers when someone is under your employment

Copywriting and Content Marketing: Summary

In summary, nailing your copywriting is an essential aspect of any content marketing strategy. It is crucial that you take the time to consider what type of writer would suit your needs the best. Also, consider what content they will be producing for you, how frequently, and what your budget is for that work.

Once you have considered all of these factors, it’s time to head online and find your perfect writer, one that will help bring your brand voice to life!

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