How To Become Successful On Facebook With Your Marketing

In this blog, we discuss How To Become Successful On Facebook.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world.

Over 2 billion people use Facebook daily, which allows businesses to reach their target audiences with the right Facebook marketing strategy.

If you’re a brand seeking to succeed in social media marketing, mastering Facebook marketing is instrumental.

Beyond connecting with friends and family, Facebook is a great platform for people to connect with businesses, both small and big.

A recent Facebook survey reveals that over two-thirds of Facebook users visit at least one local business page every day.

Therefore, prospective customers are always on the lookout for brands like yours on Facebook.

An effective Facebook marketing strategy is the only way to connect with such prospects.

Businesses can leverage the platform to enhance their social media influence for brand awareness, reputation building, customer relationships, sales, and more.

This is why most brands are investing in effective Facebook marketing strategies as a gateway for business growth.

If you’re looking for how to become successful on Facebook with your marketing, then this article is for you.

Here, we will discuss everything you need to know about Facebook Marketing, how it can be used to help grow your business and tips for effective Facebook marketing.

What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook marketing simply involves the promotion of a brand, product, or service on Facebook using both highly-targeted organic and paid marketing strategies.

Facebook marketing gives brands a unique advantage in that they are able to reach large audiences to enhance brand awareness, generate more leads, and increase sales.

Brands are constantly looking for ways to make their brands stand out on Facebook.

So, what’s in it for these brands?

Benefits of Facebook Marketing

Here are some reasons Facebook Marketing is so important for your business growth:

1. Access to a global audience

Facebook boasts over 2.96 billion active users from every corner of the world.

Many companies use Facebook marketing to create marketing campaigns and ads that reach their target audiences.

With Facebook, brands can easily connect with users and customers from any part of the World.

2. Integrates into all other marketing platforms

Facebook marketing lets you combine your other marketing channels, such as search engine marketing, mobile marketing, and email marketing.

Brands can increase their brand outreach through Facebook by connecting multiple marketing platforms and leveraging them to their best advantage.

3. Increases organic reach

Facebook marketing helps brands establish connections with their customers by sharing Facebook content that provides value to their audience.

With consistency, regular engagements, and the right strategy, you will see more of your target audience connecting with your brand organically.

4. Provides automated tools

Facebook marketing tools help brands make the most of their Facebook marketing strategy.

With these tools, you can easily automate simple tasks such as scheduling appointments, managing and posting content, and analyzing marketing performance.

5. Offers paid ads that catalyze marketing

Facebook marketing is not only about growing your audience organically but it also lets you run highly targeted, paid ads to increase traffic to your site, grow your audience, and increase revenue.

The advantage here is that you can customize your audience and target only the most relevant Facebook users in your advertisement.

Effective Facebook Marketing Tips

The following tips will make you successful at business marketing on Facebook:

1. Define your target audience

To effectively engage your audience, it is important to know who they are.

This is because your marketing strategy will largely depend on the type of audience you’re trying to attract.

For instance, you may need to know the age range of your target audience, where they reside, the type of job they do, how often they use Facebook and lots more.

Of course, your products and services are not for everyone on Facebook.

You want to ensure you channel all your energy and resources to get to the right audience that needs the value you’re offering.

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to you is marketing to the wrong audience.

That is why you need to take out time to clearly define your target audience.

Once you have a clear-cut understanding of the general demographics of Facebook users and how they connect to your ideal customer, you can then explore Facebook’s Analytics Audience Insights.

Facebook’s free Audience Insights tool can help you dig for the most important details about potential customers, such as age, gender, location, marital status, educational background, language, past purchasing activity, Facebook usage etc.

If you don’t know who you’re trying to attract or target, you’re not likely to ever reach them or attract them.

2. Set smart goals

What’s your company’s definition of success?

At what point can you beat your chest and say you have done well with all your marketing strategies?

A SMART goal, tied to your overall business goals, mission, and vision, is vital for creating an effective social media marketing plan.

Each company will have its own objectives on social media, but all should be focused on actions that have greater impacts on business growth.

Once you’ve established your business goals, you need to map out specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound (SMART) Facebook marketing goals and strategies to help you achieve them.

Your goal on Facebook may include, among many others:

  • Improving customer service
  • Generating more leads
  • Increasing conversion rates on your websites

For example, every post or ad you put on Facebook should serve one purpose: to help you achieve your marketing goals.

3. Create valuable posts

Now you’ve understood who your target audience is, you’ve set smart goals to help you achieve your business goals, and it’s time to start creating valuable posts.

First of all, you need to carefully plan your content. This is the point where most brands miss it. They just start creating random posts on their Facebook page. Your marketing strategy can never be effective if you go on this path.

Ensure you have your target audience’s best interest at heart. Create posts that seek to solve specific problems your target audience is facing. When you create posts that solve their problems, they easily trust your brand, and when they trust your brand, it becomes easy for them to buy your products or pay for your services.

All your posts should not be about promoting your brand alone; you should also create more posts that seek to inform and motivate.

You can adopt the “80-20 Rule”.

This means 80% of your posts should seek to offer real value to your target market by educating and informing them, while the remaining 20% should be for promoting your business.

Users get bored when all your posts are just about how fantastic your business is or just promoting one product or the other.

Rather, try to offer the best value and establish connections with your customers.

Engage your target market, respond to their DMs, and comment promptly.

Offer them valuable content regularly, and they’ll become more open to your products and services whenever you bring them up.

You must note that Facebook punishes brands that push sales aggressively.

Facebook’s algorithm is not too friendly to self-promotion.

It prioritizes meaningful and engaging content, not just promotions or coupons.

Below are the types of posts you should post for effective Facebook marketing:

Text posts

These are just direct texts, with no photos, videos, or links attached. Text posts are best for sharing important information like opening hours or ticket availability. If your goal is to directly drive traffic to your site or generate more leads, then a text post is not your best option.

Photo posts

These bring higher engagement than text posts. An eye-catchy photo is a great way to grasp the attention of your target market in their news feed. Photo post is the best for product-centred businesses. Photos displaying products in action are a great way to capture the target audience’s attention.

Facebook video post

Videos seem to have more engagement rates than photo and text posts. It’s the perfect marketing trap. Whether they are short video announcements or promotions, videos can be extremely compelling. Facebook videos play automatically on Facebook; therefore, you’re sure of capturing your target market’s attention.

Facebook live video posts

Facebook Live is a more intimate and authentic way to connect with your followers. You can use it to answer FAQs, showcase the product development process, product demos, product unveiling, and lots more.

Facebook stories

Facebook stories are photos or short video posts that disappear after 24 hours. It is not the most effective but can be a catchy way to capture the attention of your target market. Over 500 million users view Facebook stories daily. Therefore, if effectively utilized can generate leads.

Pinned posts

As the name implies, a pinned post is a Facebook post that stays pinned at the top of your page. This ensures that it’s the first content users see when they first visit your page. You use this feature to ensure that users get to see the most important post you want them to see. This gives you an opportunity to show your potential followers why they should like your page.

4. Optimize your Facebook business page

Whatever your social media marketing goal might be, it would be difficult to achieve it if no one knows about the existence of your Facebook page.

That is why you need to optimize your Facebook business page to attract more visitors to your page and compel them to engage.

One way to help people easily locate your Facebook business page is by cross-promotion.

Help those already engaging with you on other platforms discover your page on Facebook by including its link in your emails and newsletters, and by adding Facebook Like and Share buttons to your blog or website.

To increase engagement, it is important to offer valuable content.

To optimize your Facebook business page, you need to add a high-quality cover image. Your cover image speaks a lot about your business.

It is a great way to make your page more eye-catching.

Some other ways to customize your Facebook page include:

  • Create a custom URL for your page in this format (
  • Add your website URL to drive users directly to your website
  • Complete your page description for it to rank higher
  • Add Call to action
  • Add page tabs to promote your products or services
  • Upload your products
  • Enable reviews

5. Use Facebook tools

There are many Facebook tools you can use to engage your target audience beyond posting and commenting.

For example, Meta Business Suite is a tool for managing your paid and organic Facebook posts.

It also lets you collaborate effectively with your employees and contractors from other agencies.

6. Use Facebook ads

Not all your followers will see every post you put in their news feeds. You might be shocked when you see the number of followers your posts reach organically.

  • Averagely, pages with less than 10.000 followers have an 8.18% organic reach.
  • Averagely, pages with more than 10.000 followers will have a 2.59% organic reach.

Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes posts from users’ families and friends.

This invariably means that brands and businesses sometimes don’t get noticed enough.

This is where Facebook ads come in.

To reach a wider target audience, you need to invest in paid Facebook ads because they can reach 34.1% of the global population.

Similar to traditional advertisements, a Facebook ad is content that you pay to send to a particular target audience.

The goal is to make your brand reach the right people, whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness or product sales.


Creating an effective Facebooking marketing strategy is key to the growth of your business in this digital era.

Brands rely more on their success on social media because that’s one of the major ways they engage with their target market and attract new prospects.

Undoubtedly, the tips in this article help your brand to win on Facebook.

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