How To Become Successful On Instagram With Your Marketing

Currently, Instagram is the most widely used social media platform.

Almost everyone using a smartphone has heard of or used it.

Thanks to its broad user base, it is an ideal platform for social media marketing that lets brands showcase their products, services, and expertise to large audiences.

Over the years, Instagram marketing has proven to be one of the best ways to generate more leads, gain helpful market insights, and expand your customer base.

If you’re not leveraging Instagram for your digital marketing campaign, you’re missing out on a fast, affordable, and effective way of reaching almost half the world’s population.

In this article, we will look at how to become successful on Instagram with your marketing.

We will also consider the best Instagram marketing tips and the benefits of a well-planned strategy.

Best Instagram Marketing Tips

Your business’s Instagram marketing strategy may differ from your friend’s based on your business goals, niche, and the type of products or services you offer.

All successful Instagram business accounts have clear objectives, dedication to excellence, and unyielding consistency.

The following tips will help you become successful on Instagram with your marketing:

Create An Instagram Business Account

As a business, before you can become successful on Instagram with your marketing, you must ensure you create an Instagram business account.

Having an Instagram business account has some distinct advantages over other Instagram users.

For example, prospective customers can reach you directly from your Instagram page just like they would from your website.

Also, you can create Instagram advertisements without using Facebook’s advertising tools.

In addition, with an “Instagram For Business” account, you can access Instagram analytics tools (called Instagram Insights) to get information about the performance of your Instagram posts and Instagram ads.

Dish Out Valuable Content To Build Authority And Trust

After creating an Instagram business profile for your brand, you should next focus on dishing out valuable content.

Yes, you heard that right, and this is one of the best Instagram marketing tips anyone can give you.

You build authority and trust among other Instagram users when you dish out valuable content that helps proffer solutions to the problems of your target audience.

Many businesses miss it; they let their employees post random content on their Instagram business profiles instead of employing a dedicated social media manager.

Your content must help your audience solve their problems, making them trust you and identify you as an authority within your industry.

Read more about Content Production here

When your Instagram followers trust you, they can easily buy your products or pay for your services.

Once you get this step correctly, your Instagram marketing strategy is almost in order.

The following are the types of content you can post on your Instagram page:

  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Open-ended questions
  • Testimonials and other user-generated content
  • Fun facts
  • Promotional posts
  • Brand Story
  • Video Content
  • Featured Posts
  • Live Videos
  • Video Tutorials
  • Influencer Content
  • Instagram Reels
  • Product Photos
  • Instagram Contests
  • Behind-the-scene photos

Post Product Teasers That Will Entice Your Instagram Audience

Instagram is a great social media platform that can help you sell more by posting product teasers if you know your onions well.

Posting product teasers is an easy way to talk about your products and create excitement in prospective customers without appearing desperate to other Instagram users.

This is the secret Instagram marketing strategy used by popular brands.

They share teaser photos and videos of their new products or services on Instagram without trying to force their Instagram followers to buy.

People appreciate this more, and you can do this too.

Publish Sponsored Ads

Instagram ads are an effective marketing strategy businesses use to generate more leads and get more customers.

The best part is that you don’t need to spend a fortune on Instagram ads to reach more audiences; you can do it with your budget, no matter how small.

Unlike traditional marketing, the ad stops once you’ve reached your budget.

This means even small businesses can benefit from

Before sponsored advertisements, only users who follow your page could see your Instagram posts.

With sponsored ads, you can target a wider audience, increasing your leads and generating more revenue for your business.

To effectively use sponsored ads on Instagram, you must create compelling content that appeals to your target audience.

Keep an eye on your most engaging posts to see if you can turn them into sponsored ads.

Instead of creating a new post, you may use sponsored advertisements to promote these high-performing posts to potential customers.

For more engagement, send out multiple ads to different audiences simultaneously.

Keep in mind that there are a variety of sponsored ad types that you may use, including:

  • Carousel/Dynamic Ads
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Stories
  • Stories Canvas

Collaborate With Influencers To Gain More Visibility And Reach

If you want to reach more prospective customers on Instagram, the quickest way is to work with influencers with many followers.

From research, Instagram is an excellent platform for influencer marketing.

Like many other social media platforms, Instagram users buy the products or services promoted by the social media influencers they follow because they trust them.

Therefore, if you collaborate with the right industry influencers, your products and services can reach the right Instagram audience.

To leverage influencer marketing, the first step is to look for influencers with relevant audiences for your product or service.

Create Branded, Interactive Hashtags

If you need a quicker way to capture people’s attention, interactive hashtags are a brilliant way to do it.

Branded hashtags include your brand’s name so that no other brand can copy it or compete with you for it.

Make your branded hashtag a famous brand slogan or phrase. For instance, Coca-Cola successfully utilized this strategy with its branded hashtag, #ShareACoke.

Interactive hashtags let people communicate efficiently, and this can make your branded hashtag go viral.

For example, Red Bull’s hashtag, #itgivesyouwings, has been used in over 300K posts.

With a good hashtag strategy, customers can use your branded hashtag to share user-generated content.

Creating a hashtag that your business (and other people) can search for is like creating a free advertisement for your business.

When customers use the tag in a photo, they expose your company to their followers.

Behave Like A Human Being

This is another central area where most brands miss it, and they behave like robots with monotonous behaviours.

Instead, ensure you’re active, follow some of your followers, follow other businesses in your industry, respond to people’s comments, appreciate your new followers through direct messages, and comment on other people’s Instagram posts.

Instagram is a platform where you build highly-effective brand-follower relationships.

Moreover, it lets you discuss other users and create meaningful relationships with them.

Understanding your audience based on your interactions with them can also assist you in making well-informed product and content decisions.

This can significantly increase the likelihood of a follower becoming a buyer.

Moreover, Instagram users like it when you promptly respond to comments and direct messages.

When you interact directly with your followers in their DMs, you will better understand their problems and how to come up with products or services that will become solutions to such problems.

Hire A Social Media Manager To Implement Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

Consider your favourite social media brand. Perhaps they’re inspirational or funny. Whatever you like about them is precisely what they intended for you to perceive about them.

Behind a successful Instagram business account is a professional social media manager who implements well-planned social media marketing strategies.

If you employ the right social media manager for your Instagram account, your brand can become the one your target audience falls in love with.

Look at Instagram’s most popular product brands, like Samsung, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and Netflix; you will discover that the best business Instagram accounts are well-planned.

They aren’t just posting any and everything they want.

Their social media managers ensure each Instagram content (feed posts, user-generated content UGC, Instagram Stories, and other regular Instagram posts) is consistent with their brand voice, identity, and online presence.

Social media management goes beyond posting daily content; it requires commitment and consistency.

Social media managers are well-trained and know the exact approach to help your business grow.

Even if you have an effective marketing team, the team must designate a social media manager to oversee your presence.


Hopefully, you now understand how to become successful in your Instagram marketing and why you need to hire a professional social media manager to handle your Instagram account.

Hiring a social media expert who understands the best approach and strategy to grow your business is far better than hiring a low-level employee to post content randomly or do it yourself.

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