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How to succeed in lead conversion in 2023

A ‘lead’ is an individual interested in the product or service that you offer. This lead might have just come across your website or your Facebook ad, and now they’re curious to learn more about your brand. Now, it’s your job to ‘convert’ that lead. By ‘lead conversion’ we’re simply referring to the moment the individuals who are interested in your product or service, decide to take action and either buy something or enquire about your offering.

How to create a successful online branding strategy

By ‘branding’, we’re talking about the distinctive features that make your business stand out, and that makes it recognizable across the board. This normally refers to the way your company markets itself to the public, and by ‘online branding strategy’, we’re more specifically talking about the way your company introduces itself to potential leads on the web. Either by the way, you promote your services or products on social media or the way you set up your own website.