Marketing Management Service

A successful marketing strategy includes various elements which can be difficult for most people to master singlehandedly. For this reason, we tend to focus on the elements we are good at. Leaving the rest untouched and losing out on the potential upside by including other elements. In today’s world, it is easy to find freelancers and individuals who can provide competitive pricing in areas where we lack skills. But if you are already busy with daily operations, managing all the different profiles you need for a full-scale marketing setup can be hard. In today’s marketing, we need to consider the following at least:

Content Production
Social Media
Lead Conversion

How many of these are you currently pursuing?

If you are a typical business owner, there is almost guaranteed great unused potential to tap into here. And that is where we can add value to you. Together with you, we go through your current marketing strategy and the results you are getting. Also, we look at where you want your company to go. Which platforms would you like to be present on? And what content makes sense for your business. We look at the journey from lead to sale. Then, we offer to manage the marketing from hereon, providing you with regular updates, budgets and reports. Always ensure that your marketing setup is optimal for your goals. In addition to our in-house team, we have access to an extensive network of marketing specialists. We produce quality content at our video, photo and podcast studio facility in Allerød, Denmark. In short, we provide you with everything from strategy to execution.

Simply put, we add a full marketing and management team to your company.


We provide our services based on the time allocated to your business.

Our hourly rate for marketing management services is:

900 DKK + VAT per hour

Want to try us?

Get started with our discounted introductory package of 20 hours.

We split the cost of your investment in trying something new by giving you a 50% discount.

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